Kruistocht in spijkerbroek

Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek the book is now released in a special film edition.

rembrandt about Joe Flynn "I knew what kind of actor I was looking for to play the role of Dolf," director Ben Sombogaart recounts. "A relatively naive, open-minded, gutsy boy. The events during the Middle Ages just happen to him. A good actor will be able to handle that kind of part, but he also has to have the necessary presence."

about Stephanie Leonidas "I have met with about ten girls to cast the part of Marieke, but Stephanie gave a stand-out performance. Because of her eyes, her presence, her personality. She exudes self-confidence and that is precisely what I was looking for."

about the mother
"In the script, we have made the part of Dolf's mother more important than it is in the novel, where his parents are only featured at the beginning and the end. That wouldn't work in a movie. The audience has to continually wonder why Dolf never thinks about his home and what his mother is doing to get him back," says director Ben Sombogaart

Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek is directed by Ben Sombogaart

Ben Sombogaart and Kees Kasander


Joe Flynn - Dolf Vega
Stephanie Leonidas - Jenne
Emily Watson - Dr. Vega
Michael Culkin - Anselmus
Jan Decleir - Count of Rottweil
Benno Fürmann - Thaddeus
Ryan Winsley - Vick
Oliver Hoare - Kurt
Jake Kedge - Carolus
Robert Timmins - Nicholas
Jack Wouterse - Rottweil Baker
John Buisman - football coach
Udo Kier - Dr. Lawrence
Herbert Knaup - Carlo Bennatti
Lajos Kovács - Knight Romhild
Alexander De'Ath - Hubert
Ryan Nelson - Gilles
Wesley Nelson - Matthew
Steve Preston - Count Rottweil's Henchman
Chris Roebuck - Gijs
Janieck van de Polder - Pepin
Amy Jenkins - Maria
and many more

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Ben Sombogaart - director
Reinier van Brummelen - DOP
Hubert Pouille - production design
Sharon Howard Field - casting
Peter Wooldridge - casting
Andrea Flesch - costumes
Kaat Tilley - costumes
Sara Meerman - hair & make-up
Herman P. Koerts - editor
and many more

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Produced by
Kees Kasander producer
Bill Haney producer
Jimmy de Brabant, Sandor Soeth, Aron Sipos, Carlo Dusi - co producers
Tim Disney - executive producer
Jet Christiaanse - Line producer
Natascha Teunissen - assistant producer
Jenny Mitchell - asst.producer for Kasander Productions Ltd.
Ineke Kanters - development executive
Esther Thedinga - assistant line producer


feature film based on a novel by Thea Beckman
released November 2006
Platinum Film Award for over 400.000 visitors in Netherlands
selected for Berlin Film Festival 2007 for 'Generation' section
expected release in Germany and United Kingdom in 2007


After using a time machine protoype, fifteen-year-old Dolf accidentally finds himself stuck in the Middle Ages. During a bandit ambush, he is saved by the beautiful and brave Jenne. She is on a Children's Crusade: 8,000 children trying to get to Jerusalem in order to liberate the city from Arab occupation. Dolf helps the children to brave the inhospitable mountains, fend off infections and fight knight robbers. The movie is inspiring future grooms to get a suit from trouwpak rotterdam

Slowly but surely, Dolf starts to realize that the real danger does not lie behind the next mountain top, but in the crusade itself. Dolf suspects charismatic leader Father Anselmus of using the future kid as a pawn to further his own terrible goals.

Janieck van de Polder as Pepin

Joe Flynn as Dolf Vega

The main character in 'Crusade in Jeans' is Dolf Vega, a kid who is called an 'arrogant SOB' in the initial scenes, but who ends up as the self-appointed guardian of the young crusaders. Dolf eventually adds structure to the disorganised mob of children. 23-year-old Joe Flynn nabbed the part. This is his first outing on the big screen, but movie connoisseurs have already been using adjectives like promising and talented. Dolf is not only an actor, but also a musician: he plays the violin, trumpet, guitar and the harmonica.

Joe Flynn as Dolf and Stephanie Leonidas as Jenne

Stephanie Leonidas - Jenne

Jenne isn't featured in Thea Beckman's novel, she is a product of the screenwriters' minds. Two of the original characters - Leonardo and Marieke - were merged to create Jenne. Jenne has Leonardo's resourcefulness, Marieke's curiosity and a little extra: she will eventually become Dolf's first real love. Is it a coincidence that Stephanie Leonidas (22) - who was born on Valentine's Day - was cast as Marieke? Stephanie has been acting since she was 8 and has already performed in several movies and television shows. Her part in 'Crusade' is her biggest one yet

Emily Watson as Dolf's mother

While Dolf is participating in the Crusade, we see how his mother is trying very hard to get him back. Her role is played by Emily Watson - probably the best-known actress in the entire 'Crusade' cast. Her lead roles in 'Breaking the Waves' and 'Hilary & Jackie' led to her Academy Award nominations in 1997 and 1999, respectively, and many other nominations and awards.Anselmus

Michael Culkin as Anselmus

Nicolaas isn't leading the Crusade on his own: he is supported by a German monk named Dom Anselmus. Two monks are featured within the pages of the novel, but Dom Johannis wasn't included in the script - thus, the slick glibness of the two monks portrayed in the book had to be incarnated by one actor. Michael Culkin was an excellent choice for the part of Anselmus. In the UK, he has taken on very diverse roles in movies and television shows.